Local youth-led health & wellbeing project, Right Here, is challenging residents of Brighton & Hove & YMCA Staff to our #5ways5days mental health challenge!

Raising awareness of Mental Health week (16-22 May), we’re asking you to join us in an online campaign promoting the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ by tagging #5ways5days on social media platforms throughout cyberspace!

We know there are as many ways to wellness as there are people, so we are asking you to simply upload your favourite wellbeing picture moments under one of the following “5 ways to wellbeing” categories. Our team of Right Here youth volunteers will be judging the most unique and creative ‘way to wellbeing’ and handing out a prize of Love2Shop vouchers to the winner!

Can you rise to the challenge of submitting five pictures – one for each category of wellbeing or each day of the week? We DARE you!

Don’t forget to tag #5ways5days on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, nominate and challenge your mates once you’ve uploaded your own moment. Competition entries close midnight May 22nd 2016 so get snapping!

The #5ways5days campaign forms a part of Right Here’s broader work, which sees our young volunteers delivering FREE workshops to secondary schools throughout Brighton and Hove on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Coping with Exam Stress and Social Media & Mental Health.

What are the 5 ways to wellbeing?

  • Reach out to friends and family, surround yourself with people who make you feel great and develop these relationships.
  • Be Active. Why not go for a walk? Ride a bike? Play some table tennis? Being active improves not just mental health but physical health too (win, win).
  • Keep Learning. Learn a new skill, from cooking to painting, learning improves confidence, skills and gives a sense of achievement.
  • Give to Others. Smiling, saying thanks, volunteering – these are all good ways to keep giving. It feels great, is rewarding and can improve your social life.
  • Be Mindful. Try and be more aware of the present, your thoughts and feelings. Learn to appreciate the world around you. Be in the moment, every smell, feeling and touch.

See more on the five ways to wellbeing here

For more information on the 5ways5days campaign please contact Jasmine.hetherington-wilkes@ymcadlg.org

For information about our schools wellbeing workshops please contact Jacob.bayliss@ymcadlg.org

For information about the Right Here project more broadly please contact Mark Cull mark.cull@ymcadlg.org

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