There is a lot of support for parents/carers who are worried about their child’s health and wellbeing, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Right Here produces guides (which have been created by our youth ambassadors aged 16-25 years old) for parents/carers who are worried about their child’s mental health, videos and other helpful resources. See below for our top materials, videos and useful information.

Our Right Here Parent / Carer guide is a way of drawing all our research together, both positive and negative, to help parents and carers who are trying to support young people across our city. The guide has been created by our 16-25 year old Youth Ambassadors.

Some of the themes and topics that are included in our guide include communication tips, support for your child such as clubs, projects & counselling, online support, recommended reading, eating disorders, drugs and alcohol, sexual health and self-harm.

Written and created by Right Here with our team of youth ambassadors, this film has been created to reassure parents/carers and anybody else who might be concerned about a young person who is self-harming. The film contains simple information about self-harm, busts some common myths, gives tips on how to talk about it, how to minimise harm, and about looking after yourself as a parent or carer (self-care). It also signposts to further resources and support that might be useful.
The film was commissioned by the Public Health Schools Programme at Brighton and Hove City Council, however we hope that parents and carers living anywhere will find it useful and relevant.
See more of our films here.

Research suggests that around 1 in 4 young people (between the ages of 16-34) experience feelings of suicide at some point in their life, so we put together this suicide prevention guide to bust some myths, break down stigma and help young people talk about their feelings/ get help. This guide is designed and developed by our Youth Ambassadors (16 – 25 year olds) and is for other young people. You might this guide helpful if you are worried / concerned about a young person.

Our new Suicidal Prevention guide is coming soon and you can request copies by contacting a member of the Right Here team.

This guide is designed and developed by our Youth Ambassadors (16-25 year olds) for other young people. They’re working hard to reduce the stigma attached to self-harm and suicidal feelings. This guide can be used both by young people and those supporting them, to increase awareness, understanding, and communication.

When young people self harm it is usually a sign that they are having a tough time and need support. There are lots of services in Brighton and Hove that can help support young people and you can find them here: Find services here.

Download our Self Harm guide here.

Contact Right Here for hard copies of our guide.

Other local support


Where To Go For is a list of services that connects you to everything provided in Brighton and Hove for 11-25 year olds! Covering topics such as mental health, physical activity, money, employment, parenting and volunteering to name a few, Where To Go For enables 11-25 year olds to find the help they need in any area of their life.

We are extremely lucky in Brighton and Hove to have a strong support community for young people, but finding help isn’t always easy. Where To Go For allows young people, professionals and parent/carers to browse through services in the local area.

Find Get Give is an England wide mental health and wellbeing website re-launched alongside the #IAMWHOLE campaign at the end of 2016. The site helps young people find local services and provides useful self-help materials. Find Get Give also provides a list of training, resources and materials for parents / carers in Brighton and Hove.

Doc Ready is part of the Innovation Labs initiative. It was developed in partnership with young volunteers from Right Here Brighton and Hove. It features advice and information on visiting a GP about a mental health issue and allows young people people to build a checklist in order to prepare for the appointment.

With GP appointments lasting a maximum of 15 minutes, DocReady can help your child prepare for their appointment, know their rights and easily build a checklist.