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Shaila Sheikh

Project Manager

Call/Text 07912479967


Contact Shaila to find out more about YMCA Right Here, our Right Here activities, for fundraising and/or partnerships, for paid resources and engagement opportunities.


About Shaila

“I’m in the great position of leading the fantastic Right Here team of thoughtful, creative and inspiring participation co-ordinators, digital specialists and Youth Ambassadors. We work together to involve young people aged 11-25 in driving and delivering amazing peer led activities, including health and wellbeing workshops in schools and colleges, campaigns to promote greater awareness of health issues for young people and finding ways to make sure young people can inform and influence the policies and services that affect their health and wellbeing – across Brighton and Hove, and more widely. 

My tip for wellbeing, is to be kind to oneself when you’re not feeling great for whatever reason. This might just mean being quiet and cosy for a bit and taking some of the pressure off being perfect or on top of things all the time.”


Katie Waters

Engagement and Participation Coordinator

Call: 01273 222584


Contact Katie to volunteer with Right Here, community events, for printed materials and to find out more about our award winning research or youth participation model.


About Katie


“I work alongside Jacob making sure that young people are involved in the planning and delivery of our research. Keeping our research as creative and accessible as possible is my main aim! My top tip for wellbeing is taking time to slow down; I do a lot of breathing exercises and yoga. I’m also a total book worm and have piles of books all over my flat. Making sure I read for half an hour a day keeps me chilled.”


Jacob Bayliss

Engagement and Participation Coordinator

Call/text 07738040451

Contact Jacob to volunteer with Right Here, community events, for printed materials and to find out more about our award winning research or youth participation model.



About Jacob

“I make sure that young people are involved in every aspect of our project and lead the creative research that Right Here produces. My top wellbeing tool is getting sweaty, getting my heart rate up and being active!”

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Jasmine H Wilkes

Digital and Arts Coordinator

Call/Text 07525667683 | 01273 222584


Contact Jasmine for anything related to websites (YMCA Right Here website, Find Get Give, Where To Go For or Doc Ready), video production, apps/digital resources, photography, graphic design, campaigns or press/ marketing.


About Jasmine

“I design and develop all of our digital platforms with our youth ambassadors, keep our websites updated, fresh and relevant. I produce videos, photography and graphics design! I love working on all the campaigns we run & producing marketing materials. My top wellbeing tip is to have a candle lit bubble bath or snuggle up with a hot water bottle. Failing that find a cat and cuddle it!”


Linn Boudin

Digital and Social Media Officer

Call/Text 07738040452 | 01273222584


Contact Linn for anything related to social media, the YMCA Right Here website, video production and campaigns.

About Linn

“I work heavily with the social media side of Right Here, so making sure we got interesting content going out on our Right Here, Find Get Give and Where To Go For social media profiles. I also help create our video content, manage our websites and develop our campaigns. My top wellbeing tips is to watch a film or TV-show in order to switch off the stress, or going for a walk, to catch some D-vitamin and fresh air.”