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Cat Pritchard

Project Manager

Call/Text 07912479967


Contact Cat for our Right Here activities, for general questions, for fundraising and/or partnerships, for paid resources and engagement opportunities.


About Cat

“I manage a creative team to deliver youth led projects, this involves developing partnerships with other organisations, overseeing the development and delivery of all of our work and making sure the team are healthy and happy. My top wellbeing tool is getting outside, getting fresh air and swimming in the sea!”


Thirza Legg

Participation Co-ordinator

Call/Text 07734791200


Contact Thirza for volunteering opportunities, delivering workshops, attending community events, for printed materials and to find out more about our participation model.


About Thirza

“I support our fantastic team of ambassadors to create innovative resources and design/deliver great workshops for schools. My top wellbeing tool is taking my time! Making sure I regularly give myself time to do to what I fancy”.


Jacob Bayliss

Participation Co-ordinator

Call/Text 07738040451


Contact Jacob to volunteer with Right Here, community events, for printed materials and to find out more about our award winning research or youth participation model.


About Jacob

“I make sure that young people are involved in every aspect of our project and lead the creative research that Right Here produces. My top wellbeing tool is getting sweaty, getting my heart rate up and being active!”

Iamwhole Jasmine

Jasmine H Wilkes

Digital Projects Officer

Call/Text 07525667683


Contact Jasmine for anything related to the YMCA Right Here website, Find Get Give, Where To Go For or Doc Ready. For social media, press/ marketing and online resources.


About Jasmine

“I design and develop all of our digital platforms with our youth ambassadors, keep our social media updated and produce videos, photography and graphics design! My top wellbeing tip is to take a candle lit bubble bath or snuggle up with a hot water bottle.”